La Marina

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The coastal village of La Marina El Pinet, also knows as La Marina is part of the municipality of Elche and located just a 25 minute drive to Alicante Airport. Further inland you'll find the popular residential area La Marina-Oasis. It is situated at the foot of the mountain range Sierra el Molar, only a few minutes drive from Guardamar del Segura and Santa Pola. Its long and wide sandy beaches El Pinet, La Marina and El Rebollo are surrounded by green eucalyptus and pine forests, with the backdrop of the large sand pans of Santa Pola. Its privileged location, astounding nature, and amazing beaches has made it a prime destination for holidays and home buyers on the Costa Blanca. See, the secret is to enjoy this extraordinary place during wintertime where the average temperature is 18ºC, whilst in the rest of Europe one will be lucky to be just above freezing point.

Exploring the Village

La Marina has developed a charm of its own becoming a popular place both for the local and international visitors. You can be sure there is always something to do aside from the beach activities. From horse-riding, go kart, quading, minigolf and even balloon flights there is an array of leisure and activities to choose from suitable for all ages. The weekly market Mercadillo is very popular and offers local fruit and vegetables as well as artisanry and a variety of culinary delights. And talking about culinary delights, in La Marina the best food is served on the beach. Here you will find scattered beach bars where you can enjoy delicious plates of Spanish rice and savory dishes, fresh calamari and feast the menu of the day whilst sipping cool jugs of sangria or beer.

Enchanting Surroundings

With the proximity of nearby cities like Alicante, Murcia and Elche, one cannot resist the temptation to hit the road for some adventure. Discover Alicante’s coastline by boat after a nice shopping day out in town and some tapas in the old Barrio de Santa Cruz. Or take the ferry to the island of Tabarca where you will be amazed by its clear turquoise waters. Elche will embrace you with its more than 200.000 date palms serving as a refreshing oasis during the hot summer months. And if your thing is urban strolling for historic gems, then seek your way to Murcia where La Catedral de Santa María, its famous landmark and baroque treasure, will assure you are in for a treat. For those seeking the water thrill, Santa Pola is the right place to be for windsurfers and kiters and for a boutique or two for the die-hard shoppers among us. And if the activity you seek is rather shaking your bones to the rhythm of the night, you will be spoiled with choice in any of the nearby cities.

La Marina has developed a charm of its own

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