3 Tasty Tapas Restaurants in Alicante

Fabulous Finger Food! Not Your Average Fried Calamari Dish!

Probably the most eaten food in Spain is Tapas which many people would call Finger Food. And in a city such as Alicante, known for its varied and exciting gastronomy, it is not difficult to name some tasty tapas joints where to savour these small portions of Spanish delights! Now, tapas aren’t just food here in Spain, they’re part of the Spanish culture, reaching far beyond the food itself. Served alongside beer or wine, they are designed to tickle the appetite, incite fun conversations and stories to tell. Here it's totally permitted to talk over eachother, share the food, use your fingers, toothpicks and naturally forks. Although using your knife is for dummies and of course double dipping is totally prohibited! Having said that... Vámonos de Tapas! So here our first selection of 3 Tasty Tapas Restaurants in Alicante: 3 Tasty Tapas Joints [data tag=rest-alicante-1 vw=feat] Buen Provecho!

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