January 31, 2022
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Working Abroad as Part of The New Future

The Art of Combining Work with Quality of Life!

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There are some big changes happening in buying habits from overseas buyers and these will become clearer as we move forward. Wherever the Spanish Property Market heads to in 2022 it certainly isn’t down!

Although many buyers during the 2020 had put their plans on hold or abandoned them during the beginning of the pandemic, surprisingly much more people opted to bring forward their plans to buy in Spain. The pandemic made more than one change their perspective making them focus on the future with a why not and why wait mindset.

This notable change of perspective is clearly the aftermath of the first months of the pandemic as it hit the hardest. Lockdown, isolation and working from home made more than one question their current situation. You come to understand that you don’t have to wait until retirement to “live life” but can easily combine work with a quality of life to embrace and enjoy:

  • Nice Climate
  • Cultural Variety
  • Rich Mediterranean Gastronomy
  • Outdoor Activities All Year Round
  • Health Benefits
  • And so much more…

A lifestyle hard to beat!

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