November 8, 2021
The Spanish Real Estate Market in Covid Times
The Spanish Real Est...
Applying for a Mortgage in Spain
Applying for a Mortg...

Investing your Money in Spain

Spain’s Open and Dynamic Economy Suitable for International Investments

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As the fourth economy of the EU, Spain has an open and competitive economy capable of surpassing its European counterparts even in pandemic times! With a business sector highly internationalized and perfectly located geographically serving as a gateway for several markets from Europe, North Africa, Middle East to Latin America. it has become the 11th largest global exporter of commercial services and is the 13th recipient of foreign investments. In fact, 70 out of 100 top companies on Forbes Global 2000 operate in Spain.

So, if you are looking to expand your business on an international level, you might wish to consider this southern country as your piggy bank. Foreign investment does not require previous approval as a general rule and is considered one of few countries with least restrictive regulations for international investment.

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Applying for a Mortgage in Spain

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The Spanish Real Estate Market in Covid Times

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