October 11, 2021
A Daytrip to Tabarca
A Daytrip to Tabarca
Places to Visit on the Costa Blanca
Places to Visit on t...

10 Things to Visit when in Alicante

Discover The Capital of the Costa Blanca!

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The Metropolis of Alicante located on the Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities and hotspot destination. It has a remarkable blend of everything, from local culture, stunning beaches, the most succulent gastronomy imaginable and amazingly friendly people. With the relaxation and fun of a seaside city combined with a fascinating history, architecture and vibrant night life, you will never be short of things to do and see. Quite close to perfect!

So dress up like a tourist and get cracking, as we have put together a list of things to see for when you have to give your skin cells a little rest after all those sun blazing beach days... Here we go!


Castillo de Santa Barbara

A fortress with medieval Arab origins, from where you have vertigos and panoramic views of the Metropolis of Alicante, the mountains, and the majestic Mediterranean. The expositions display artefacts in the well-preserved rooms, there is a market in the courtyard selling souvenirs and a nice café where to take a break.


El Barrio de Santa Cruz

The Old Town, the beating heart of Alicante, perfect for strolling its winding cobbled streets, discovering its magic with each turn, and even maybe get lost. Charming colorful houses line the narrow alleyways, decorated with beautiful flowers on the balconies. At night, this is the place to be and where to have yourself some tasty tapas as never savoured before, a refreshing beer or two and delicious cocktails surrounded by a lively and vibrant ambience until the early hours.


Contemporary Art Musem

Devoted to modern art and housed in Alicante’s oldest secular building you'll find the Contemporary Art Museum. There are approximately 800 pieces in the collection, many of them by the most celebrated 20th-century artists, such as Picasso, Francis Bacon, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró. Each and every visit is unique, as only one third can be displayed at any time, rotating throughout the year! You might want to repeat just to see the entire collection!


MARQ – Archaeological Museum

A great way to peek into Alicante’s past and wealth of the Costa Blanca, is by checking out the 80,000 pieces on display in MARQ. One of its biggest attractions are its modern exhibition spaces from prehistory to contemporary, where audiovisual media is used to make the visit as educational as possible and to spark the interest of children. Don’t miss out on visiting the Roman-Iberian settlement Lucentum dating back to the 4th century. It is considered the origin of Alicante and one of Spain's most important findings.


Explanada de España

Alicante’s most iconic and beautiful promenade made with 6.6 million mosaic tiles. With tropical palm trees lining the walkway, and the wavy pattern of the hypnotizing esplanade, it makes for the perfect promenade just before a dinner's night out. In the evening, the market stalls line up, showcasing handmade artisan jewelry and much more, whereas the cafés and bars are lively with the foodies seeking their way to have a tapa and a cold beer before carrying on to the harbour for some club time.


Mercado Central

In Alicante, do shop your food as the locals! El Mercado Central is Alicante’s main source of fresh produce for Alicantinos and chefs of the local restaurants. The lively ambience welcomes you, surrounded by the 300 stalls distributed over 2 levels offering everything from fresh seafood, meats, wines and cheeses, hams and sausages of local produce. Don't forget to buy some flowers when leaving!


El Puerto

A coastal Metropolis as Alicante on the Costa Blanca can naturally not lack in Marinas. Home to some spectacular yachts and vibrant nightlife, clubs, live concerts, and amazing restaurants. The marina also offers many boat rentals to explore the amazing coastline of Alicante. It is also the departure point for the prestigious Ocean Race programmed for January 2023. Don’t miss out when you are in town!


Las Hogueras – San Juan

Alicante’s most beloved and representative annual fiesta that will light up the city from the 20th until the 24th of June — Las Hogueras de San Juan. Where centuries ago households would burn piles of old furniture and junk as a massive post-winter cleaning, which today has been replaced with paper maché works of art. Decorating the streets of the metropolis only to be set on fire on the last day of the festival. A party that is lived several days and nights throughout, where fireworks spectacles, parades and parties liven up the streets whilst the nightly bonfires brighten up the coastline of Alicante. Literally a party on fire!


Fogueres Festival Museum

Whether you have been lucky to party as the locals at the festival of San Juan, or you missed out on it, take the opportunity to visit this museum. The access is free and the collection displays the creative ninots indultados (the effigies that managed to escape the flames), mock bonfires and typical costumes. It also boasts an audiovisual hall showing clips of this festival. True and unique works of art worth seeing!


Parque El Palmeral

Who doesn’t want to visit an oasis not far from Alicante’s urban atmosphere? Parque el Palmeral is the green lung of Alicante, abundant with botanical wildlife, waterfalls and palm trees considered to be one of the most beautiful and relaxing places where to “take five” in this lively coastal city. Bring your book and picnic and get ready for some nice quality and timeless moments, replenishing your energy in an amazing environment like no other.

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