January 24, 2022
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3 Tasty Tapas Restau...
3 Tasty Restaurants in Costa Blanca South
3 Tasty Restaurants ...

3 Tasty Restaurants in Costa Blanca North

Masters of Combining Mediterranean Flavors with a Cosmopolitan Flair

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The Costa Blanca is known worldwide for its fine Mediterranean cuisine abundant with fresh vegetables, fruit, colors, and flavors. It is not only the region of paella, seafood and wine, but also of the traditional dishes found in the mountains.

The large variety of fresh and traditional high-quality products together with the expertise of traditional to nouvelle or avant-garde cuisine, has become one of the great hallmarks of the Costa Blanca. Here the chefs have not only mastered the art of combining the Mediterranean flavors, but also adding to it a cosmopolitan touch making it quite unique from any other place in Spain. A gastronomy rich, innovative and a true delight not only for the palate but also for the eye.

Are you drooling yet? Well here is a selection of tasty restaurants from 'the north':

La Vaqueria – Campello

A cozy steakhouse near the beach that has earned its fame for its art with roast and grill dishes. Using mostly natural and raw materials as a sustainable fuel to cook it. That’s right, back to basics but with the rank of haute cuisine! The combo of charcoal, firewood and the innovative restlessness of the chef de cuisine makes for a unique experience very different from the conventional grill. Although the specialty is meat, this Mediterranean grill restaurant also offers seasonal vegetables from their own organic garden and fresh seafood straight from the market. The decoration is cozy, with wood as the protagonist and a friendly staff where a smile is never far, making you feel just at home.

Volta i Volta – Jávea

A team of globetrotters that gathered culinary knowledge and experiences from all over the world before reaching Javea. The outcome? The restaurant Volta i Volta. A coastal and uncomplicated but extraordinary delicious cuisine where the protagonists are fresh vegetables, rice, meat, and fish. And sometimes due to the chefs uncurable passionate for international culinary cultures, you might find a touch of Norman butter or a slice of Sardinian loaf accompanying your plate.

Les Cuinetes – Denia

A traditional Mediterranean cuisine transmitted from generation to generation. The pride the chefs take in their roots, being locals from Denía, have created the unique restaurant Les Cuinetes, where the priority is set on the “cuisine of the territory”. Delicious dishes elaborated with fresh and seasonal products. The ingredients come from the local market, the fish from the local harbour and organic vegetables from small producers in the region. Know that your always in for a surprise, as the seasons and thus their local produce, defines their menu. Here, you will inevitably fall in love with the simplicity and grandeur of the land’s products, its cuisine, Dénia and the Mediterranean culture.

Buen Provecho!

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