December 13, 2021
3 Typical Spanish Foods
3 Typical Spanish Fo...
3 Tasty Restaurants in Costa Blanca North
3 Tasty Restaurants ...

3 Tasty Tapas Restaurants in Alicante

Fabulous Finger Food! Not Your Average Fried Calamari Dish!

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Probably the most eaten food in Spain is Tapas which many people would call Finger Food. And in a city such as Alicante, known for its varied and exciting gastronomy, it is not difficult to name some tasty tapas joints where to savour these small portions of Spanish delights!

Now, tapas aren’t just food here in Spain, they’re part of the Spanish culture, reaching far beyond the food itself. Served alongside beer or wine, they are designed to tickle the appetite, incite fun conversations and stories to tell. Here it's totally permitted to talk over eachother, share the food, use your fingers, toothpicks and naturally forks. Although using your knife is for dummies and of course double dipping is totally prohibited! Having said that...

Vámonos de Tapas!

So here our first selection of 3 Tasty Tapas Restaurants in Alicante:

Bar Manero – Alicante

Not only should you feast with your palate but also with your eyes. Bar Manero is an elegant and lively tapas bar with a fine decor and exotic ambiance evoking the old grocery stores of the 20th century. Located in the middle of town, it is easily accessible and most of the time with a busy ambience. But, that doesn’t keep away the staff from giving you a superb and excellent service. Try the refreshing beer, wine of local produce or fine vermouth. Don’t miss out on Pulpo a la Gallega (chopped octopus with paprika), Calamares (Fried squid rings) or some tasty Croquetas de Cangrejo (Crab Croquettes). Delicious! They also has a gourmet shop where you can buy olive oil, wine, ham and cheese, mostly of local produce. Can’t think of a better way of taking home a little bit of Spain with you!

Cerveceria Sento Rambla – Alicante

An enchanting small, throwback tapas bar in Alicante that specializes on heavenly montaditos (small sandwiches, and mini burgers). Excellent freshly prepared food, with interesting presentation where no dish is ever the same. True pieces of art of the finest quality where the fusion of loin, foie, nougat, mushroom, quail egg and Iberian ham, just to name a few, are combined in all ways and shapes in an explosion of flavors. The atmosphere is great with very friendly, jolly and entertaining staff, set on making your night of tapeo fun. Guaranteed you will return... with more friends!

Chico Calla (y come)! – Alicante

One of the most traditional cuisines you will find in Alicante. Here the 'main course' is the celebration of life, tradition, family and roots. With old recipes from the very best cooks; their mothers, grandmothers and aunts. The locals call Alicante “La Terreta” and it is from here that the main ingredients of these tasty dishes originate. Try the cold potato salad with hake, anchovies marinated over baked potatoes, grilled artichokes with Iberian ham and foie or a traditional cheese board of local produce accompanied by red house wine from of course...La Terreta! The best place where to share stories, talk history, sports or whatever you fancy. Because they are created for that very reason, to share the joy of life!

Buen Provecho!

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